Last night I was too moved by the ocean, I almost drowned.

~M A R~
Apparently we cuddled like stones til the morning.
I love you long time.


My boyfriend showed me this song.
I love his taste in music

I ALSO showed you this song after the first night, before the 2nd day of hard summer. I love my taste in music. lmao.

I could hate you eventually. 

You deserve it.

Never appreciated.

I know you best now.

Jewbei ~ The One Thing

Did you guys know…

I love you mom but..
This is my mom. 😂

Outkast ~ Prototype

Outkast ~ Morris Brown 

Music make the world go round
Where it goes(where it goes)
Ya’ just don’t know(ya just don’t know)
My heart is like a marching band 
I’m a fan in the stands
Yes I am and I’m hollerin’ hey baby
Saying hey baby

Made my night.